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Net prayers for Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa's death inspires a flurry of memorials on the Internet.

Mother Teresa's death last week has inspired a flurry of memorials on the Internet.

Mourners have turned to the Web for a place to share a prayer, read a tribute, read the nun's biography, or simply sign an online memorial.

One Web page authored by Michael Hunter, a condemned prisoner on death row in California's San Quentin, reminisced about Mother Teresa's visit to the prison.

The site contains a haunting account of Hunter's experience with Mother Teresa, and how it changed his life. "I couldn't help reflecting on how this woman had chosen to live her life and what she had accomplished, and how I in contrast had just thrown my life away. It was a humbling experience."

Most of the Mother Teresa memorial sites include biographical information, links to other sites dedicated to the nun, funeral information, and prayers and thoughts about her life from world leaders.

The Albanian-born nun, who founded an order called the Missionaries of Charity, focused her efforts on the destitute of Calcutta, India. She was also lauded for her work with lepers, the blind, and poor orphans, culminating in a Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979.