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Net name game gets played in court

The most recent fight in the Net domain space involves Archie Comics, which claims a parent's Veronica.org site violates its trademark.

There has been a rash of legal wranglings of late brought about by the Web's first-come, first-served address-naming system--including a fight between a parent who has a site for his toddler Veronica that Archie Comics claims violates it trademark.

Archie Comics fights parent for domain
The comics company is fighting with a man who has a site at Veronica.org for his two-year-old daughter, claiming the site violates its trademark.

Movie site suffers ignoble fate
After the movie has left the theaters and the video is transferred from the store's new releases section, what happens to a film's Web site?

Yahoo not amused by pot parody site
A law firm representing the portal sends a letter to the creators of "www.yahooka.com" threatening legal action if the marijuana site is not deactivated.

World body aims to end "cybersquatting"
A new system aimed at ending the practice could be in place by the middle of this year, according to an official of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Domain conflicts spawn trademark service
Online companies have been signing up for a service that enables users to screen potential domain name addresses for trademark infringement.