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MySpace launching branded video channels, possible Joost killer

MySpace has something new in the oven. This time it's branded video channels with content from all over.

MySpace will soon launch more than a dozen branded video channels, featuring content from big names like the National Geographic group, The New York Times, and Reuters. Users will be able to access the video content on branded content microsites similar to YouTube's partner channels with the BBC, NBC, and CBS. MySpace is allowing content providers to customize their content interface, with special backgrounds and color schemes. Expect something similar to Trailer Park, which MySpace launched last month.

The new service will tie in to MySpace's current videos platform, although there's no word yet on whether or not members will be able to embed the new content on their profiles or on outside blogs and Web sites.

Also of interest, MySpace's "Daily Reel" channel. This editor-controlled channel hosts content that is deemed the best on the service. MySpace editors will add their own dialogue, and package it as a top five. From the press release, I can't tell if it's going to be like America's Funniest Home Videos, or Fox's Daily Show ripoff.

Maybe the most interesting news out of this morning's announcement is participation by Reuters and National Geographic. Both content providers are also sharing entire shows on Joost, which could signal overlap from other providers that are currently sharing their content on the competing service. Given the choice between viewing the content on a Web site and installing a program, many users are likely to go for MySpace's approach, or just stick with YouTube.

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