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​Musician balances on Pokeball while playing Pokemon theme on flaming bagpipes

Watch the talented Unipiper dressed as the creature Charmander perform the ultimate tribute to Pokemon Go.

Even if you're suffering from Pokemon Go overload, this video of a musician playing the Pokemon theme song on flaming bagpipes while dressed as the Pokemon creature Charmander is very impressive.

Considering the Charmander has a tail that can produce fire, it makes sense the bagpipes used to play the Pokemon theme also ignite with flames.

The talented musician who made this tribute possible is Brian Kidd, best known as The Unipiper, from Portland, Oregon.

This isn't the first time The Unipiper has paid homage to something geeky. Earlier in the year, he dressed up as Superman and taunted Batman by playing his bagpipes and riding around on his unicycle. The Unipiper also wore a Darth Vader costume and played the Star Wars theme song on his flaming bagpipes while balancing on his unicycle -- all without using the Force.