MTV Networks plucks eJamming collaboration software

Music giant signs deal to integrate eJamming's Audiio software into virtual worlds and new sites to help musicians collaborate on songs and form bands.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

eJamming, a service that provides musicians with collaboration technology to help them form bands or work on songs together, said Tuesday it has formed a partnership with the MTV Networks Music Group.

The licensing agreement will allow the MTV Networks Music Group to use eJamming Audiio software for any future projects. According to MTVN, the software could be used in virtual worlds and new music sites.

The decision to use eJamming's collaboration tool makes sense. MTVN caters to people who care about music, and with the help of eJamming's Audiio, it can help them form a band, learn to play an instrument, or join an existing group. More important from a business standpoint, MTVN can use eJamming's technology to keep those musicians on MTV sites.

Jeff Yapp, MTV executive vice president of program enterprises, said in a statement that MTVN's decision to work with eJamming was rooted in the company's desire to become a quasi social network for musicians.

"The combination of interactivity and music speaks to people of all ages today," he said. "Connecting actual players online in real and virtual worlds via eJamming technology underscores the MTV Networks Music Group's commitment to bringing our fans cutting-edge experiences."

Neither company would say when MTVN will start rolling out eJamming's technology, but the service is growing quickly. According to its internal figures, the Audiio software has 18,000 beta testers in 158 countries.