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mTaxi: There's an app for cabs

If you're an iPhone user then you've probably been wondering when someone would get around to making an app to book taxis. The wait is over.

(Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

If you live in Sydney or Newcastle chances are you use the Taxi Combined services when booking a ride to work, or home after a night out. If you're an iPhone user you've probably been wondering when they'd get their act together and release an app.

mTaxi is this app, a simple tool with one goal in mind — getting a car to wherever you are. The interface is clean and easy to use, simply punch in your name and number then navigate a list of suburbs and streets until you pinpoint your location. This system works fine, but with all the gadgetry under the iPhone hood we kept wondering why it didn't use the GPS receiver to tell us where we were rather than the other way around.

Our only real gripe though is that it costs money to purchase. Sure, it's only AU$1.19 and sure it also offers a "lite" version, but we're talking about an app that generates business for Taxis Combined, so we would have thought they'd be giving it away.