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MS posts the real Explorer 3.0 beta

Microsoft posted a new beta of Internet Explorer with a hotly anticipated just-in-time compiler that is expected to dramatically speed up Java applets.

Microsoft today posted a new beta version of Internet Explorer 3.0 that is expected to narrow the gap between the Web browser and Netscape Communications' Navigator by adding an integrated just-in-time compiler and support for Netscape plug-ins.

Since last year, Microsoft has been working furiously to match Navigator feature for feature, but support for Java and plug-ins--two key Navigator capabilities--eluded the first beta of Explorer 3.0 released in May. The company later posted a Java engine add-on that could let Explorer run Java applets, but the real browser speed tests have had to wait for the integrated JIT compiler, a technology that reads applets into native machine code upon downloading.

Like Navigator, the new beta of Internet Explorer 3.0 also includes integrated support for virtual reality modeling language (VRML) and a variety of audio-video file formats, including WAV, AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, AU, and AIFF.

The software is available for downloading from the company's FTP site. A complete description of the beta's new features can be found on the Microsoft Web site.

Microsoft is already hard at work on the next major release of Internet Explorer, code-named Nashville, which turn Windows 95 and NT desktops into Web pages complete with hyperlinks, ActiveX controls, and Java applets. Nashville is in alpha testing, with a beta expected to be posted by the end of August, a company spokeswoman said.

Today, Microsoft also posted new versions of its NetMeeting conferencing and Internet Mail and News applications, both of which offer improved performance, according to the company.

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