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MS Explorer to get Eudora for Mac

Microsoft is bundling Eudora Light with its Internet Explorer 2.0.1 for Macintosh.

Scrambling for every advantage in the browser battles, Microsoft has begun to bundle its Internet Explorer 2.0.1 for Macintosh with widely used email software Eudora Light.

Eudora, made by Qualcomm, is the world's most popular email application with an estimated 10 million users worldwide, according to Matrix Information Directory Services. The "Light" version that will come bundled with Internet Explorer for the Mac is freeware that the company distributes to help popularize its more robust commercial "Pro" version.

Microsoft has developed its own mail and news client for Internet Explorer for Windows 95 and hopes to integrate it into the upcoming version 3.0, due later this summer.

Despite the publicity surrounding Microsoft's current beta of Explorer 3.0 for Windows, no plans have yet been released for a new Mac version of the browser. The current release for Macintosh, complete with the Eudora Light bundle, is available as a free download from Microsoft's Web site.

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