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'Mr. Robot' to explore virtual reality in next season

As hacker Elliot tries to recover three days of lost memories, viewers will be treated to a VR scene.

"Mr. Robot" follows hacker Elliot as he takes on the world of capitalism.
USA Network

Privacy, security, corrupt corporations and abuse of power were the big issues addressed in the first season of USA Network's hit show "Mr. Robot."

However, as the series progresses into ideas of revolution and economic anarchy, it will also experiment with unusual visual-storytelling techniques including virtual reality.

"We just shot a VR scene for 'Mr. Robot,'" Jeff Wachtel, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment chief content officer said Tuesday at Variety's annual TV Summit.

While specific plot details of the episode have yet to be revealed, Wachtel did say, "It's really about storytelling. It's intimate and about the characters."

"Mr. Robot" series creator Sam Esmail will direct all episodes for the new season.

"I am so very specific in how I want to shoot the show and the visual grammar of how I want to tell the story," Esmail told Variety in March.

Adding a VR element to the continuing story of "Mr. Robot" makes sense considering one of Season 2's taglines in the latest trailer happens to be: "Control is an illusion."

The new season will also show the consequences from Fsociety's cyberattack on Evil Corp, but also focus on cybersecurity engineer Elliot (played by Rami Malek) struggling to recover his lost memories, which could make for an interesting VR sequence.

Season 2 of "Mr. Robot" is scheduled to debut July 13 on USA Network.