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MP3 grows up

A dispute between players in the MP3 camp is settled, and America Online and Diamond Multimedia bring online music into the mainstream with buyout deals and price cuts.


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Consumers of online music are the target as America Online buys online music technology firm Nullsoft and Diamond Multimedia cuts prices on its Rio MP3 player. Meanwhile, conflict is quelled--momentarily, at least--in the MP3 camp as PlayMedia settles its copyright suit against Nullsoft, one day after the AOL deal.

"It's a little bit early to tell, but clearly it's going to be a big market."

- Kevin Hause, analyst, International Data Corporation


PlayMedia settles Nullsoft copyright suit
Music software developer PlayMedia Systems settles its $20 million lawsuit against Nullsoft, just one day after America Online bought the Net music technology firm. MP3: Sound and fury

Diamond cuts Rio MP3 player prices
The company slashes prices on its Rio portable MP3 player, bringing the cost of the popular device to its lowest yet.

Net music firm ascends to Nasdaq
Net music company EMusic.com, formerly GoodNoise, enters the big leagues as its stock moves from the OTC Bulletin Board to the Nasdaq Stock Market.

AOL buys Spinner, Nullsoft for $400 million
update The online giant is the latest to get into the online music business with its acquisitions of Net radio firm Spinner.com and music technology company Nullsoft.

Public Enemy launches entire album on Net
The rap group that shot to fame with the hit "Fight the Power" starts selling a new album over the Internet to fight what it says is the stifling power of big music companies.