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Mozilla's new logo reminds us that it is, in fact, a web firm

Mozilla settles on an image meant to convey that the company is about more than just the Firefox browser.


Last year, Mozilla, the internet company best known for the Firefox browser, publicly started the rebranding process by opening the door to public feedback. With several options on display, Mozilla asked for comments and input from all who cared to share.

As of today, the new logo is official and the simple change is meant as a reminder that Mozilla is more than just a browser.

The logo replaces the letters "ill" in the Mozilla name with the colon and slashes that form any web address. During the open commenting part of the process, this logo -- Design Route D -- was meant to stand for the free and open internet.

The blog post announcing the new logo reinforces that principal and also states the desire to help people understand Mozilla's brand. The new logo is one of the simplest of the finalists.

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