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Mozilla Firefox Mobile logo revealed

Mozilla has announced the winner of a competition to design the logo for Firefox Mobile, the mobile browser codenamed Fennec

Mozilla has revealed the logo for Firefox Mobile. Russian artist Yaroslaff Chekunov has won a design competition to create the logo for the mobile version of the Web browser, codenamed Fennec.

The logo shows the iconic Firefox's tail dangling from a pocket, replacing an earlier logo for Fennec's development builds. Fennec is currently based on Firefox 3.6, which we've played with but is not yet widely available on the desktop. Mozilla currently offers the super-speedy Firefox 3.5.

Over the past year we've had some hints at what Firefox Mobile will offer: a concept video and some peeks at the features. We know that when it arrives, Firefox Mobile will support JavaScript, CSS, Flash, SVG and extensions. Extensions are Firefox's biggest selling point, and could open an exciting new chapter in the customisation of mobile browsers.

An Android version of Firefox Mobile is expected soon. Get Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey here, but watch out for the ten dumbest Firefox add-ons ever.