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Moto Maker opens for Moto X customizing

The wait is over for AT&T and no-contract customers who want to design a custom Moto X phone in Motorola's Moto Maker store.

Seth Rosenblatt Former Senior Writer / News
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Seth Rosenblatt
The Moto Maker store for tweaking Motorola Mobility's Moto X phone nearly to your heart's content opened its doors on Tuesday.

AT&T customers, and people who buy their Moto X out of contract, can make numerous adjustments to the phone's body and interface before it ships to them from the phone's factory in Fort Worth, Texas. The Moto X costs $579 without a contract.

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While Verizon customers can get the standard black or white cases when the phone becomes available to them on August 29, they won't get Moto Maker access until later this year.

Along with choosing how much onboard memory you want, 16GB or 32GB, you can choose your phone's front, back, and accent colors, wallpaper, and have your Google ID pre-loaded into the phone. Front colors are limited to just black and white, while there are 18 back colors available and 7 accent shades.

Other enhancements, such as the rumored wood case for an extra $50 and message engraving, are not yet available on Moto Maker. No date has been announced for when they will become available.