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Here are the most-edited Wikipedia pages of 2016

Politics and death dominated, but there are a few bright spots, especially if you like Van Gogh.

The US election kept Wikipedia editors busy, but it didn't produce the most-edited page of 2016.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

There was no escaping death and politics in 2016.

That's the lesson from Wikipedia, which on Wednesday released the list of its most-edited pages for the year.

Predictably, the contentious US election dominated our attention, both on Wikipedia and in the real world, with five of the top 10 edited-pages being related to the candidates, campaign endorsement and primaries. The page for Donald Trump was the top-edited page from the election, with 8,933 changes so far, but it came in a distant second place on Wikipedia's list.

The specter of death seemed to preoccupy us as well. "Deaths in 2016" took the top spot overall, with 18,230 edits. This was, after all, the year we lost Prince, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali and John Glenn, among others. The Orlando nightclub shooting also cracked the top 10.

Current music and movies featured prominently on the list, as did a surprise artist (who didn't die in 2016). Vincent Van Gogh provided a bright spot on the list, garnering a respectable 3,551 edits during the year.