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Monday evening CES round-up: Year of mobile?

CES 2007 may have started yesterday, but the Web-enabled gadget news keeps coming.

-- Skype on a cell phone. You don't need a Skype-only handset or a bulky laptop to use Skype while traveling. Nokia has a Skype client built-in on its new N800 series. The good news is you can get your hands on the handset right away; the bad news is you won't be able to use Skype on it until June (Crave).

-- Yahoo launches Go 2.0. This new tool combines several of Yahoo's brands into a single mobile app. Most important is the new search tool called OneSearch, which is optimized for mobile phones. There's also Yahoo Local, Mail and Flickr photo management. (CNET News)

-- Vonage to resell EarthLink wireless Net service. Wimax isn't here just yet, so in the meantime, Vonage is going to let you access citywide Wi-Fi networks owned by Earthlink. In a perfect world, this means your VoIP calling could go uninterrupted over long distances akin to that of cellular networks. (CNET News)

-- Google developing search engine for ubertelescope. Three billion pixels makes for pretty large pictures, which is why Google is teaming up with The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Project to help them sort out the data for easy searching. They're also planning to make a version of this project available to the public, which means the long-awaited Google Sky is a reality. (CNET News)

-- Modeo Launches Live Mobile TV Beta Service In Nation's Largest Metro Area. New York beta testers for Modeo's mobile TV service will be able to get a group of channels on demand to their mobile devices. These aren't strange IPTV channels either, including Fox News and The Discovery Channel. Soon you'll be able to watch Meerkat Manor and Bill O'Reilly on the go. (Engadget)