Moka: Your daily fortune cookie via SMS

Moka has created collections of quotes from various books, and will send them to your mobile phone every day.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman

Complain all you want about the sad growth of the sound-bite culture. You can't stop it. Twitter has even made sound bites a personal publishing medium. Here's my life, it says, in 139-character chunks.

And now you can get real books delivered to you via text messages. Or at least their pithiest quotes. Moka, launching today, will send you a blurb every day from your choice of self-help, business, philosophy, or religious texts.

I hate this. It takes all the heart out of a book. But wait. I love this. Because a lot of self-help books are really a bunch of short ideas embedded in two hundred pages of packing material. Moka's editors do the job of extracting the good bits.

Moka's baseline service (30 SMS messages) is $5.95 a month. On top of that there may be a price for the books you want, although several are gratis. You can subscribe to get 120 daily Bible messages, for example. No charge. Modern best-sellers, though, will cost you. For example, it's $7.95 to sign up for 436 daily blurbs from Eckart Tolle's, The Power of Now.

Plato's Republic, formatted for your mobile. Weird. CNET Networks