Mog sheds beta status, launches Mog TV

Mog, the music recommendation service and social network added some new things today, like Mog TV--a new music video browsing tool.

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Josh Lowensohn
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Mog, the music recommendation tool and social network left beta this morning and launched a new video channel called Mog TV. The video service scans your music library and offers YouTube music videos that it thinks you'll like. There's also a kitschy feature called "The Magic Button" that can randomly bring up content related to your musical tastes. The button has been placed site-wide, and can be found on user profiles, Mog TV, and artist pages. The only bummer here is the need to install the Mog-o-matic software on your machine for access to personalized recommendations, although Download.com's Peter Butler thought it was worth it in his original hands-on--despite the potential concerns outlined in the software's privacy policy.

Installing the Mog-o-matic software is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's yet another application running in your system tray. On the other, you can upload your listening habits and tastes without any additional work or need to replace your current jukebox solution. We'd like to see these types of services move toward a Web-based process that scans your music library's database files and updates without the need for software. Although if you're concerned about personal privacy, this isn't likely to sound appealing either.

On a side-note, Mog's servers seem to be getting slammed at the moment, so expect some slowness while browsing the new features.

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