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Microsoft's "Scorpio" turns 43

What do Bill Gates, "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts and country singer Charlie Daniels have in common? Happy Birthday to you?

What do Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, and Charlie Daniels have in common?

They celebrate their birthdays today.

That's right, the world's richest man and Microsoft CEO turns 43 years old today.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Desk calendars, such as the Page-A-Day Calendar from Workman Publishing, took note--Gates name appeared next to that of "Pretty Woman's" star Roberts as well as Thelma Roberts, once a backup singer for Tony Orlando and Dawn--a tangible sign of the billionaire's status in pop culture, not just the computer world.

Some Web sites made note of Mr. Bill's birthday as well. A horoscope site joked that based on his astrological sign as a "Scorpio," Gates and actress Barbra Streisand, a "Taurus," would make a good match.

"The opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio seem hand in glove. Intense, warlike Scorpio with strong, sensual Taurus." (Both, of course, already are taken). The Web site also added this tidbit: Gates was born at 10 p.m. in Seattle.

Another Web site, which lists "Signs that Microsoft owns part of Apple" joked that, "Bill Gates' birthday is now a paid holiday at Apple." (That's not true, Apple said).

Microsoft didn't seem in much of a celebratory mood when asked about the event or what the birthday boy had planned for his special day. "We don't comment on Bill's personal life," a spokesman replied.

An email to, asking about his birthday plans, also turned up nothing.

"Thank you for your comments. We appreciate your feedback and questions," it read.