Microsoft's latest spin on Web apps

At Mix '07, software giant turns spotlight on Silverlight, its Flash challenger, and opens up about its Web strategy.

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At Mix '07, Microsoft turns the spotlight on Silverlight, its Flash challenger, and opens up about its Web strategy.

Microsoft hints at general plan for IE 8

Internet Explorer 8, due within the next 18 months, will keep focus on security, ease of use and include Web development improvements.
May 3, 2007

The Web, Ozzie make their mark at Microsoft

news analysis Microsoft's Mix announcements reflect how the Web--and Ray Ozzie--are affecting how the company writes software.
May 3, 2007

Web developers sound off on Silverlight

video Martin LaMonica chats with software professionals to get their thoughts on Microsoft's challenger to Flash.
May 3, 2007

Netflix woos crowd with demo of new features

video The DVD rental powerhouse takes the stage to demonstrate an array of ways to use Silverlight to watch movies on a PC.
May 2, 2007

Microsoft exec pitches 'user-driven marketing'

Robert Bach, head of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, says new Web apps are "changing the world of marketing."
Photos: Talking marketing at Mix
May 1, 2007

What is Silverlight, really?

Webware blog Although Silverlight and Flash are competing technologies, Microsoft's offering is different from Adobe's in key ways. Here's how.
May 1, 2007

Silverlight on Linux? We're in, says Mono founder

blog The Mono open-source project will create a Linux version of Silverlight by the end of year, head of Mono says.
May 1, 2007

Piling on tools for Silverlight in Adobe rivalry

blog Company lays out its tool strategy for rich Internet applications, demonstrating how it aims to compete against Adobe and others.
May 1, 2007

CBS gives preview of news site of the future

video CBS's president and general manager of Digital Media Group, Jonathan Leess, shows off a demo of what the television giant has in store for its Web site in the future.
May 1, 2007

Live baseball on your mobile phone?

video Representatives of MLB's multimedia department show off current capabilities with live games using Silverlight, and give a peek into the future of live games on phones.
May 1, 2007

Ozzie's quiet revolution at Microsoft

newsmaker Chief software architect Ray Ozzie says everything Microsoft does will include an online services component.
Video: Silverlight in action
April 30, 2007

AOL: We do too innovate

Webware blog The Web portal taps Silverlight to conjure up a "social e-mail gadget" that lets you know what your personal "A list" of contacts is up to.
April 30, 2007

This is Netflix on Silverlight

Webware blog Microsoft's Scott Guthrie talks up HD-quality streaming video, as well as "DVD-like interactivity and overlays." Then comes the Netflix demo.
April 30, 2007

Microsoft takes Silverlight beyond Windows

The software giant will let .Net and Ruby developers write Web applications for Windows and the Mac.
April 30, 2007

Microsoft brings streaming and .Net to Silverlight

blog New hosted service lets people embed streaming media into a Web page. Plus, "full-fledged" membership in the .Net family.
April 30, 2007

Live at Mix '07: Ray Ozzie

blog The "pendulum is swinging once more" in the Web vs. PC world, says Redmond's chief software architect.
April 30, 2007

Opening up on Web strategy

Ray Ozzie, other executives to talk up scripting languages for Silverlight and online services at the Web development conference.
April 29, 2007

Windows Live platform group loosens up

blog Microsoft plans to let outside developers build--for free--mashup apps that generate up to 1 million unique user visits at their sites per month.
April 27, 2007

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Shedding light on Flash rival

Looking to dethrone Adobe's Web video tool, Redmond to unveil a browser plug-in called Silverlight.
Image: Microsoft's 'Silverlight' browser plug-in
April 15, 2007