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Sexy paperclip action! Microsoft's Clippy gets down in erotic e-book

Clippy the giant alien paperclip gets main character Christie Aackerlund all bent out of shape in the hot new erotic e-book "Conquered by Clippy."

Microsoft's Clippy virtual assistant shines in "Conquered by Clippy," an erotic ebook by Leonard Delaney. Leonard Delaney

People have undoubtedly thought a great many things about Clippy, Microsoft's retired personal assistant that helped and annoyed us as we worked on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. But they probably haven't thought about Clippy in a sexy-times way.

That's about to change, however, as erotica author Leonard Delaney has released a sexy e-book called "Conquered by Clippy." In it, main character Christie Aackerlund is flown by the world's largest technology company to a remote island all by herself to investigate a strange alien artifact. When that alien turns out to be an incredibly large, helpful animated paperclip, Christie gets all bent out of shape, presumably over the sex appeal emitted by Microsoft's cold, metallic digital assistant.

The reviews, all five-star of course, are pretty hilarious themselves, with one reviewer calling "Conquered by Clippy" the "most exciting paperclip-focused erotica I've ever read," and another calling it the "erotic adventure of Clippy I never knew I needed."

With reviews that glowing, why wouldn't you buy Delaney's $2.99 (about £2.03, AU$3.93) e-erotica featuring a digital assistant well past his prime? You can buy "Conquered by Clippy" on Amazon to read on the Kindle app, and if you like Delaney's work, he's also got a saucy number on Tetris blocks.

(Via Boing Boing)