Microsoft will pay you to use its new Edge browser

But you also have to make Bing your default search engine to earn points in its revamped rewards program.

Michelle Meyers
Michelle Meyers wrote and edited CNET News stories from 2005 to 2020 and is now a contributor to CNET.
Michelle Meyers

About three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not browsing with Edge, even though it comes as a default browser in Microsoft's latest operating system.


You couldn't pay me to use Microsoft's new Edge browser. Or could you?

Almost three-quarters of Windows 10 users are not using the new operating system's default Edge browser. So Microsoft is now paying them to make the switch.

Microsoft Rewards, announced Wednesday, is a rebranding of Bing Rewards, which gave people points for using Bing as their search engine. The new program, so far only available in the US, offers points for using Edge and Bing, as well as shopping at the Microsoft store.

Points can be traded in for vouchers or credits to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Skype and the ad-free version of Outlook.com.

But there's a caveat: You have to have Microsoft's Bing set as your default search engine.

Microsoft launched Edge in May, touting it as faster, more battery efficient and all-round better than competing browsers. However it still only has a global market share of about 5 percent.

Microsoft once ruled the browser game with Internet Explorer, the predecessor to Edge. Over the last decade, however, it has seen a significant decline in usage as alternatives, especially Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox, rose to prominence and Internet Explorer failed to keep up with those competitors.