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Microsoft will get rid of ads in your email, but it'll cost ya

The software giant is trying a novel approach to that whole we-hate-ads-on-the-Internet thing.

Remember how if something's free, then you're the product? Microsoft's offering to make email better -- for a price.
Microsoft/Screenshot by Ian Sherr

Advertising and the Internet: It only seemed like a marriage made in heaven.

Well, Microsoft might begin offering a respite if you're willing to shell out $3.99 per month and use its email service, You'll get other features too, like personalized email addresses (

This is all according to a page on Microsoft's website, first spotted by, for a service called " Premium." The program is still in its "pilot" or beta stage. ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley first reported about the service in February.

Microsoft already offers an ad-free version of to people who pay $19.95 per year. This Premium service, which works out to nearly $48 per year, seems to offer extra features like personalized email, and a suggestion it can even work in a company environment.

A Microsoft spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.