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Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 shows off touchy-feely potential

Microsoft is offering Touch Pack to show off the potential of swiping and poking your fingers all over Windows 7

Microsoft is offering the Touch Pack software bundle to all customers, to show off the potential of swiping your fingers all over Windows 7.

Touch Pack is a bundle of touchy-feely games and programs designed to show off the potential of touchscreen PCs. Previously, it appeared on shop models so customers could get a feel for touchscreen technology.

The apps are Blackboard, Garden Pond and Rebound. Nifty photo app Collage, water simulation Lagoon and our favourite, Globe, were designed for the Microsoft Surface.

Touchscreens on desktop PCs and laptops divide opinion. Touchscreen models such as the Eee Top and Dell Studio One 19 are positioned as being freed from the restrictions of a desk, instead forming a multimedia centrepiece to any room. With these models, you don't need to tap away at a keyboard or mouse when all you want to do is skip forward a track or pause a film.

Do you own a touchscreen PC -- or would you rather rub your fingers on a week-old KFC Double Down than on your PC screen? Let us know in the comments.