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Microsoft smooths out some of SkyDrive's rough edges

Microsoft's answer to Google Drive continues to mature, as SkyDrive gains selective syncing powers, the ability to share from the Desktop, and mobile updates for Android and Windows Phone.

Better mobile support and more desktop options give SkyDrive users a bit of a boost today, as Microsoft updates its cloud storage service.

The desktop improvements include the ability to share SkyDrive files with one click from Windows 8's File Explorer (also known as Windows Explorer in previous versions of Windows,) and selectively sync folders from a Windows or Mac. This can help keep small-drive devices from filing up too quickly.

You can now control photo upload and download size in SkyDrive on Windows Phone 8. Microsoft

Android and Windows Phone apps have been updated, too, so that you can now more easily browse files in your SkyDrive. You'll also be able to control photo upload and download size through the Windows Phone app, and people with Androids get some additional file management tweaks. You'll now be able to upload any file type from your SD card, rename files and folders in SkyDrive, and create custom sortings.