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Microsoft site still buggy to Communicator

The software giant's Web site programmers are back on bug patrol after Communicator users found themselves unable to access another part of the company's Y2K site.

Microsoft's Web site programmers were back on bug patrol today, after Communicator users found themselves unable to access another part of the site.

Microsoft last week corrected a programming flaw that kept users of Netscape Communications' Communicator browser from being able to submit an order form. Today, Microsoft moved to correct a separate glitch that kept Communicator users from seeing anything but the top frame of another page.

Ironically, both the form and the page were part of Microsoft's site devoted to helping users prepare for the mother of all computer glitches, the Year 2000 problem.

Microsoft said the latest glitch, which affects a page entitled "Additional Year 2000 Resources from Microsoft," would be fixed by day's end today.

"Our Web programmers are responsible for more than 300,000 pages of HTML," said Microsoft spokesperson Adam Sohn. "Occasionally something's going to slip through."

While Netscape did not comment on the second glitch, one source at the company wondered if Communicator wasn't getting short shrift in Microsoft's quality assurance process.

"Examples like this tend to make consumers wonder if Microsoft thoroughly tests their Web pages for compatibility with our browser," he said.