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Microsoft signs movie, chip deals

A week after Microsoft debuted a preliminary version of its new media player system, the company signed a deal with Moviesystem, one of Europe's largest video-on-demand providers, to use Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series in its upcoming Internet service NetCine, which will launch Sept. 18 with an online library of 500 films. Last week, the company featured deals with U.S.-based on-demand movie ventures Intertainer and CinemaNow, which are showcasing Windows' latest audio and video encoding and player technology.

In addition, the company announced several deals with top chipmakers, including National Semiconductor, Sigma Designs and Texas Instruments. Under the deals, the chipmakers will include support for Microsoft's Windows Media 9 Series in various set-top boxes and electronic devices for the home. Microsoft also said at a conference in the Netherlands that it signed on several digital broadcasting partners in Europe, including Tandberg Television and NTL Broadcast.