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Microsoft reveals more about Live Drive

An exec provides some details about Microsoft's plans for a free online storage service, Live Drive.

Microsoft has confirmed more details of its forthcoming Live Drive service, which will offer free online storage.

Speaking at a blogger's breakfast before the opening of Microsoft's Tech Ed conference in Sydney on Tuesday, Microsoft Australia technical specialist John Hodgson said that the basic Live Drive was likely to include around 2 gigabytes of storage for free. Additional storage capacity will be available for purchase, he said, though pricing and final release dates haven't been announced.

While there have been rumors about Live Drive service in the blogosphere, to date about officially confirming those plans. What is known is that the service can be mapped directly from PCs running the upcoming Windows Vista operating system.

The service forms part of Microsoft's increasing push for Live, a portfolio of online tools designed to complement the much-delayed Vista, as well as to keep Microsoft competitive with online rivals such as Google. Google has not publicly acknowledged development of a virtual hard-drive service of its own, which .

Both companies already effectively offer free storage via their respective Web mail platforms, but such storage can't easily be mapped to an existing PC.

Angus Kidman of ZDNet Australia reported from Sydney.