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Microsoft Outlook for iOS get a brand-new look, haptic feedback

Microsoft says the redesign places an emphasis on efficiency and ease.

The new Outlook UI.

Microsoft is giving its Office suite a makeover. In late November the company debuted its new icons for the Microsoft Office apps and said that a larger redesign was on the way.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS is among the first to get the new look. Microsoft announced the Outlook redesign on Wednesday, and it's currently available for download.

Outlook is Microsoft Office's email and scheduling app, and many people rely on it for their daily business. Microsoft says that Outlook is on over 100 million Android and iOS devices, so a lot of people may notice its new look.

The color changes when you swipe.


At the heart of the redesign are several UI and navigational changes. Microsoft has included new "sensory feedback" which manifests in color changes and haptic feedback when you swipe left or right on an email.

Some of the changes are mostly visual. For example, there are new headers, icons and typography throughout the app. Microsoft also included animated icons that change as you scroll.

Other changes are functional, like a simplified way to schedule events and account icons that help you easily switch between multiple accounts.

Microsoft says that the redesigned Outlook "helps you achieve your goals and save you time -- so you can get back to what matters in your day."