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Microsoft Office on iPad and Android tablets?

Rumors of the "Office for iOS" offering resurface with a November launch date.

Come November, iPad and Android tablet users may have access to Microsoft Office apps, according to Boy Genius Report.

The tech blog said a "reliable source" confirmed that Microsoft is planning to release the company's full suite for Apple's iPad and Android tablets.

BGR said this source has actually seen Office running on an iPad first hand, and Microsoft is aiming for both launches in November. In addition, the site speculates that it could also come to the iPhone and iPod Touch, since the app was called Office for iOS," rather than just iPad.

But the move would be surprising, given that Office is one of the crown jewels of Microsoft's business, and it would be hard to imagine the company letting it run on multiple mobile devices at a time when it is trying to get its Windows 8 platform -- which will power tablets -- off the ground.

Office has previously been rumored to come to the iPad.

CNET contacted Microsoft for a response, but we'll update the post as we get more information.

Update, 1:41 p.m. PT: No confirmation from Microsoft. "We have nothing to share. We do not comment on rumors or speculation," a Microsoft spokesperson said.