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Microsoft nabs CBS exec to work up Xbox entertainment

Redmond brings Nancy Tellem on board to turn the Xbox into a "destination where consumers can enjoy all their entertainment in one place."

Nancy Tellem

Microsoft has hired Nancy Tellem, the former head of CBS's Television Entertainment Group, to come up with original entertainment for the Xbox.

Tellem, who joined CBS in 1997, was a senior advisor to company CEO Leslie Moonves. She was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2006 for her contributions to the electronic arts.

According to Microsoft, Tellem will be charged to helping "to develop unique, compelling storytelling experiences for the Xbox brand." As Microsoft's Entertainment & Digital Media president, Tellem will report to Phil Spencer, who runs Microsoft Studios. Her most immediate charge will be to handle the launch of a new production studio Microsoft is building in Los Angeles -- where else? -- to develop "interactive and linear content" (translation: games and shows) that would run on Xbox and other devices, Microsoft said.

And in a tease, Microsoft said Tellem was also hired to help "turn Xbox into a destination where consumers can enjoy all their entertainment in one place."

CBS is the parent company of CNET News.