Microsoft launches a 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox controller

The commemorative controller is available to preorder now, as is a matching Special Edition headset.

David Priest Former editor
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David Priest

Microsoft today opened a new 20th anniversary Xbox controller for preorder, to celebrate the two decades since the original Xbox system was released. The controller costs $70.

The controller's design, with its neon green highlights, translucent plastic shell and original Xbox logo, evokes the original system launched in 2001 -- the American computer company's first foray into console gaming , against longer-established competitors like Sony and Nintendo .

The controller will launch alongside the matching $70 Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset, a quick-charging stand for the controller and matching apparel.

These devices come as Microsoft still struggles to meet demand for the newest iterations of the Xbox, the Series X and Series S.

The commemorative controller and headset will be available starting Nov. 15. You can preorder them here.