Microsoft: Come 'celebrate' Windows 8 on Oct. 25

The software titan sends out invitations to a New York City event. The occasion? A coming-out party for the latest release of its flagship operating system.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Microsoft is holding its Windows 8 event on October 25.
Microsoft is holding its Windows 8 event on October 25. Microsoft

Microsoft plans to hold a special event next month celebrating the launch of Windows 8.

The company today sent out an invite to a Windows 8 celebration for October 25 in New York City. Microsoft didn't offer up any details on the announcement, including the location or the time. The company also didn't say exactly what it plans to discuss, though it's easy enough to guess.

Microsoft has already announced that it'll launch Windows 8 commercially on October 26. It seems likely that it will take this opportunity to show off computers, tablets, and other hardware running its software.

Microsoft declined to offer up more details on the event, telling CNET in an e-mailed statement that there is "nothing more to share at this time."

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