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Microsoft adds Facebook-friend tagging to Bing searches

Bing now lets you tag your Facebook friends while searching so you can ask directly about queries.


Microsoft has added yet another Facebook feature to its Bing search engine. Now you can tag up to five of your Facebook friends by typing their name in the sidebar on the right when sharing a search, in the hopes that they will give you input on your query.

Assuming you've given Bing permission to access your Facebook account, the question will be automatically posted on your Facebook Timeline. At the same time, your tagged Facebook friends will get a notification so that they can help you find what you're looking for.

Microsoft gives three example scenarios where this could be useful: asking your travel guru friend for help planning a summer vacation, a "foodie" who can lend some suggestions for your next backyard barbecue, and just your general Facebook friends who may want to join you after you find some great hiking trails. For a more visual explanation, Microsoft put together this video:

Two months ago, Microsoft announced more Facebook features for Bing. In addition to surfacing content your Facebook friends could access by viewing your Facebook profile directly, Bing was given a new column that features your Facebook friends who might have some insight into your query.

Today's feature is just a small improvement to that recently added social sidebar. It's all part of Microsoft's plan to use Facebook and Twitter more in its fight against Google.