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Meerkat will now let you live-stream video from GoPro

The live-stream video startup adds compatibility for the GoPro action cam, ramping up competition with Twitter's Periscope.

Meerkat is teaming up with GoPro. Meerkat

Some GoPro users will now be able to stream video live from their action cams, Meerkat announced Thursday at the VidCon online video convention in Anaheim, California.

The move is the latest in a war against Twitter's rival live-streaming app Periscope. Meerkat enjoyed enormous popularity in the month following its release on Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems in February, only to be overlapped by the release of Periscope in March -- after Periscope owner Twitter limited Meerkat's access to its microblogging platform.

Since that time, Meerkat has added a string of features, including Facebook support, , which adds a video to the app's syndicated feed when it gets a certain number of views, and Cameo, which allows users to hand their video feed over to another user for a cameo.

The new GoPro compatibility is available now to GoPro 3 users and will roll out to GoPro 4 users with the next app update, CNBC reports. Initially, the feature will be available via Meerkat's iOS app -- users will be able to connect the GoPro camera to the iOS app and start streaming.

The company posted a teaser video to Twitter to demonstrate how the feature will work.