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MeeGo is dead, replaced by Tizen

MeeGo, the ill-fated operating system that graced the Nokia N9, has been put to rest and replaced by something called Tizen.

MeeGo, the open-source operating system that was dumped by Nokia is to be replaced by another new Linux-based OS called Tizen, effectively killing poor old MeeGo.

MeeGo was announced by Nokia and Intel last year, but since then Nokia has cut its ties to the operating system, opting instead to cosy up with Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

Nokia only ever squeezed out one MeeGo-powered mobile, the Nokia N9, a gorgeous phone we were able to play with only briefly before Nokia yanked it away, saying it would not be selling it in the UK.

But dry your eyes, because MeeGo is turning into Tizen, another open-source affair with a much less cuddly name that should run on smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and other things. It's being developed by Intel and Samsung, hosted by the Linux Foundation and will place an emphasis on HTML5 apps, This Is My Next reports. The first release of Tizen is expected early next year.

Samsung now has a whole load of operating systems under its belt. It already has phones running Android, Windows Phone and Bada, its own OS. Is adding another platform to that list likely to just cause confusion?

Another question would be whether Tizen can possibly succeed in a world where operating systems such as Android and Apple's iOS are so firmly established at the top of the pile.

MeeGo wasn't able to make an impact, and HP has abandoned webOS, the operating system that powered the TouchPad and the Pre 3. RIM's QNX (which lurks inside the PlayBook) isn't doing much business either, and even Windows Phone is struggling to make a dent in Apple's lead.

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