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MediaMaster's Facebook app close to perfect for music sharing

Make a playlist with your music. Share it in full, online and for free. Now do it on Facebook with MediaMaster.

MediaMaster is one of many companies worth keeping an eye on, mainly for the potential of having your entire music library available anywhere you go, as long as you've got an Internet connection. Their Facebook app, which went live just a few weeks ago, is a prime example of a great use of the service.

The app lets you set up a huge playlist of music, and serve it up right on your profile in a miniplayer. Anyone who comes by your profile can then get the full quality versions of the tracks streamed in whatever order you set up. Uploading and rearranging tracks is all managed at MediaMaster's site, and once you're done, the site will jump you back to Facebook. The best part--your friends don't have to install a thing to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are also quick button presets to play the track list in Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Player, in case you want to subscribe to the station or feel like venturing off the profile page.

The Facebook app is an extension of the radio feature, which the company unveiled earlier this month. To take it beyond Facebook, you can give a direct URL of the playlist to your friends, or plug it into a smart phone. If you've got a speedy mobile data connection, you'll be able to stream your music to your phone from anywhere you get range.

The one major drawback at this point is the lack of playlist controls. The inline player merely plays the stream from beginning to end, with no real control for playing music on demand the way you can on other popular Facebook music apps like iLike, Last.fm, and even Box.net's file-sharing widget. At this point you're limited to finding out whatever the song's track name and artist are from the radio stream's metadata.

The real killer app MediaMaster has over the others is its core service, which at this point feels a lot like an online version of iTunes. You can find our hands-on take on the service earlier this year here.

Friends and profile visitors alike can listen to your own custom playlist any time they want, right on your profile or on their favorite music jukebox software. CNET Networks