Media Go: Sony Ericsson's war on media management

Sony Ericsson has announced its new Media Go software, which it promises to take every last scrap of pain away from converting and transferring media files to its Walkman phones.

Nate Lanxon Special to CNET News

Sony Ericsson's hoping to take a lot of the complications that even we, as reviewers, have to suffer when reviewing mobile phones: file management. Its new Media Go application, which debuts with the all-new W995 Walkman handset, promises pain-free media management, and it could be the sorely needed final piece to the Sony Ericsson puzzle.

Typically with phones and media players, dragging and dropping a music or video file onto your new device will give you compatibility errors like 'incompatible format', 'unsuitable frame rate' or 'incorrect aspect ratio'. This is what Sony Ericsson aims to make a thing of the past.

Media Go is essentially a media manager for your phone, that will transcode "any audio, photos or videos" (our emphasis added) into the best-quality format supported by your phone. No scissors, no glue.

At least theoretically, anyway. We've seen so many of these applications and few have ever delivered on their promises to the point that we've been impressed, so we're keeping our Crave-powered applause quiet until we've fondled it ourselves.

But if Media Go does in fact do what it says on its tin, combined with the awesome new W995 Walkman, we reckon we're seeing the dawn of a whole new user-friendly era of phones from Sony Ericsson.

We'll be bringing you a hands-on report as soon as the software is released later this year.