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Meandering child? Why not put a GPS on 'em?

Wonder Technology Solutions comes up with a miniature GPS locator for children and pets. Sorry, it's still not small enough for cats.

Trax GPS tracker can be attached to children's clothes so they don't get lost.
Wonder Technology Solutions

It can happen to anyone -- just one glance in the other direction and you've lost your child. Well, there's a fix for that: wire them with a GPS locator.

A Swedish-based startup called Wonder Technology Solutions announced Tuesday the release of its "Trax GPS Tracker for Children and Pets," which the company touts as being able to let users "locate their children and pets at any time and from anywhere."

Apparently, Trax is one of the smallest GPS locator products on the market. It uses both GPS and sensor fusion technology and comes in the form of a small attachable device that's said to be water- and drop-proof. Whenever a pet or child equipped with the locator wanders from the premises, the device sends an alert to the user via an app on his or her smartphone.

"We developed Trax GPS tracker because parents and pet owners need an easier-to-use and smaller device to stay close to loved ones," Wonder Technology Solutions co-founder and CEO Fredrik Danelius said in a statement. "The development of indoor navigation makes Trax particularly unique and useful."

While Trax says that its locator works for "pets," it doesn't yet work for cats because it's still too big. So, most likely it also doesn't work for small dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, snakes, or other little or irregular-size pets.

Trax isn't the only pet and child GPS locator on the market. The Tagg Pet Tracker hit the scene in 2011 and uses a combination of GPS and Verizon's nationwide wireless network to keep tabs on meandering pets. And, last year, Guardian Lion Wireless debuted the Leo wristwatch, which is a GPS watch that can be strapped onto children or elderly adults to make sure they don't wander too far afield.

For its part, Trax works in 30 countries worldwide, and Wonder Technology Solutions expects to add more countries in 2014. The device costs $219 a pop, which includes two years of data and free roaming. Trax is scheduled to start shipping next month.