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McDonald's Dominated Food Apps Last Year

The number of people who downloaded the app worldwide in 2022 could populate a large country.

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Zachary McAuliffe
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McDonald's logo on a smartphone

If you downloaded the McDonald's app in 2022, you weren't alone.

Jaap Arriens via Getty Images

In 2022, the McDonald's app was the most downloaded food app in the world. 

That's according to the fast food industry journal QSR Magazine, which says the McDonald's app was downloaded by more than 127 million people worldwide last year. Which is about as many people as live in Mexico, the 10th most populous country in the world.

The next most downloaded apps worldwide for 2022 were UberEats, with a total of 60 million downloads, and DoorDash, with 42 million -- even combined, they didn't come close to the McDonald's app last year.

In the US alone, the McDonald's app was downloaded by more than 40 million people. That's more than the combined total of the next three most downloaded food apps in the US in 2022 combined: Starbucks (13.6 million), Domino's (10.6 million) and Taco Bell (10.4 million). 

The McDonald's app was released in 2015, and at launch it let people browse the McDonald's menu and save and use coupons. In 2017, it app started allowing customers to customize their orders and reorder previous items. Then in 2021, the company launched its first loyalty program, MyMcDonald's Rewards, through the app.

McDonald's also ran a lot of promotions in 2022 exclusively through its app, like the chance to win the McGold card and the chance to win various prizes at the Qatar World Cup.

You can download the McDonald's app for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

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