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MyMacca's app makes fast food slightly faster

Ever been in the queue at McDonald's and wished that you could have called to order your ready-made shame food ahead of time?

Screenshot by Jen Bisset/CNET

The Australian fast food industry continues its cutthroat competition to be the most innovative, the most bleeding-edge, the most technologically savvy. While Domino's pizza-delivering robot is a vision of the far-flung, human-free future, McDonald's Australia has done one better and launched something you can actually use and not just laugh at.

The app is simple. Fire it up, pick your closest Mickey D's, and place your order. Then go to said Maccas, and pick up your order. (For our international readers, "Maccas" is what we called McDonald's in Australia.)

The app will also do things like finding your closest McDonald's, offering loyalty rewards, remember your usual orders and, for a short time, it'll have some secret value items.

The problem is that I generally only eat Maccas when I stumble into one at the tail end of a night out, or my stomach lining is digesting itself and it's the first place I see. Neither scenario is conducive to a premeditated order.

Although, even though the core menu hasn't changed in the time I've been alive, I'll still enter, stare at the menu for a good 30 seconds and then get what I always get. So maybe removing people like me from the queue proper is a public service.

Aussies can download the app on iOS or Android from the App Store or Google Play now. The ordering is limited to in-store only, but will roll out to drive-thru in the next few weeks.

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