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Mayweather-Pacquiao memes entertain more than the actual fight

After much hype and a match that disappointed many, we have a new champion. But as per usual, the Internet is the real victor.

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It seems there was a big fight Saturday night between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. While I didn't watch the match, I've been able to learn an awful lot about it via the awesome meme-fest that has resulted since Mayweather's unanimous decision over Pacquiao.

Before the fight even started, we were clued in to a disturbance in the zeitgeist by the open on "Saturday Night Live," which poked fun at the inflated level of hype for the match, sucking up media attention like Magneto at a ball-bearing trade show.

Despite winning by a unanimous decision, Mayweather's victory has been met by criticism that he employed a dirty strategy of running and holding that made for a pretty boring match to watch. In fact, rather than shelling out big bucks for the pay-per-view live broadcast, you might have done just as well saving your money and checking out this 8-bit "Punch-Out" recap of the fight that's gone viral.

Or if you prefer an even more old-timey take, there's this:

YouTuber Robert Gomez offers this even more pointed animated critique of Mayweather's tactics:

While others thought Mayweather may have taken some pointers on his moves from pop star Ariana Grande:


In the end, though, we found one person on Twitter who finally put the fight into a perspective we could relate to: