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Marissa Mayer taps Google's Zagat chief to lead Flickr

Yahoo's CEO returns to her former stomping grounds to find someone to lead the company's photo-sharing efforts.


Google continues to be a favorite recruiting ground for Marissa Mayer, who confirmed Tuesday that Yahoo has hired Zagat's managing director to lead Flickr.

Bernardo Hernandez Gonzalez, who worked with the Yahoo chief executive during her previous stint at Google, broke the news Tuesday on Twitter, and Mayer quickly confirmed the hire with a retweet:

Hernandez, who joined Google in 2005, said in another tweet that Wednesday would be his first day at Yahoo.

He will be tasked with helping transform the Web company's photo-sharing strategy, a challenge complicated by Yahoo's $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr in May. Mayer said at the time that it was her intention to integrate Tumblr, which boasts more than 300 million monthly unique visitors, with Yahoo's home page.

Mayer, the No. 20 employee at Google who was named Yahoo's chief executive a year ago, has been on a hiring spree at her former stomping grounds in Mountain View.

Last October, Mayer announced that Henrique de Castro, a top sales executive at Google, had been hired as its chief operating officer. Last August, she hired Google product marketing manager Andrew Schulte as her new chief of staff and Anne Espiritu, who ran consumer technology PR for Google.

In May of this year, Yahoo unveiled updates to Flickr that Mayer said she hopes will make the photo-sharing site "awesome again."