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Twitter is falling in love with Marc Gasol's strut

Social Cues: Also trending on Facebook and Twitter -- Duck Dynasty's demise and a Metallica classic.

Marc Gasol is channeling his inner Conor McGregor with this walk.
Screenshot via CBS Sports

If you're going to walk one way this morning, make like Marc Gasol.

The NBA star's boastful strut was the top trending topic on Twitter on Thursday morning, while Metallica's "Enter Sandman" was making waves across Facebook.

Social Cues is our guide on what's trending across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what people are talking about on social media this Thursday:

Marc Gasol: He walked the walk. After dropping a three-pointer to put the Memphis Grizzlies in the lead against the Los Angeles Clippers, Gasol strutted on the court in a glorious gloat. The center might have taken inspiration from UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor's strut from his fight at Madison Square Garden or from the walk's originator, the WWE's Vince McMahon. Either way, the celebratory stroll earned him a spot as a top trending topic, with more than 18,400 tweets about it.

Duck Dynasty: The dynasty is dead. A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty" is being cancelled after this season, with the finale airing April 12 after a five-year run for the series. Members of the family are now thanking their fans on Twitter. From the trending tweets by Thursday morning, though, it seems the show will not be missed. There are a lot of "finally" posts floating around after the announcement.

Sanders to Trump: Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has a warning for the president-elect. During a Q&A at George Washington University, Sanders demanded Trump be held accountable for his promises to build up the working class and vowed to fight against Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric, The Hill reported. There are more than 10,000 tweets about Sanders' remarks, some criticizing him still for throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton after his loss in the Democratic primary.

Enter Sandman: Jimmy Fallon helped the world find out what Metallica's classic would sound like if it was played on children's instruments. With a little help from The Roots, the rock legends played a rendition of "Enter Sandman" on toys on Wednesday night's "Tonight Show." The video has been viewed more than 20 million times on Facebook, trending with more than 120,000 people talking about the clip. It was also trending on Twitter with more than 8,800 tweets about it.

Tidal: Add Prince's music label to one of Jay Z's 99 problems. Celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that NPG Records, the music icon's record label, is suing Tidal for streaming Prince's songs. The lawsuit claims that Prince only allowed Tidal to stream "Hit N Run: Phase 1," his final album, before his death in April, not the Purple One's entire discography, according to the report. More than 34,000 people are talking about the lawsuit and the streaming service on Facebook.

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