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Make your own Facebook quiz with an app

You can make your own using the Facebook quizzes with a simple app.

Addicted to Facebook quizzes? There's an app for that. In fact, there are several apps that can help you create quizzes on Facebook. Quizzes for Facebook is one of the better apps for building quizzes because it's simple and doesn't post unwanted updates to your feed.

To get started, go to the Quizzes for Facebook app and click Get Started. Then, choose what type of quiz you would like to create.

You can choose from two options: a knowledge quiz or a personality quiz. The knowledge quiz asks your quiz takers to answer trivia questions centered around a certain topic. The personality quiz asks questions to determine if the person matches a certain personality type.

After you have picked your quiz type, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the name of your quiz, language and a brief explanation of your quiz in the provided text boxes. In the introduction box you can add an image that will be the quiz's default image. Make sure this image is 600 pixels by 315 pixels for the best results.
  2. facebook-quiz.png
    Screenshot: Alina Bradford
  3. Click on the tabs over the lower text box to toggle to additional text boxes to customize the thank you text, closing text and footer text.
  4. Click Advanced Options at the bottom of the screen and choose whether you want to collect your quiz user's information, how long you want people to be able to access your quiz, and if you want the user's results emailed to you. Click Close.
  5. Click Next - Questions.
  6. A pop-up box will ask to log in using your Facebook profile. Click Continue. Don't worry, the app won't post to your feed.
  7. Click the Add Questions button.
  8. Type your question and answer options into the provided text boxes. Click the Photo button next to each text box to add a picture for each option.
  9. Select the right answer from the drop-down box and click Save.
  10. Continue adding questions. When you're done, click the Preview button to see how your quiz will look.
  11. Click Next - Share.
  12. Click on Post on Timeline or Invite Friends to share your quiz. Add to your Page and Embedded on a Webpage are premium features that you must pay for, but the others are free for up to 40 users.