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Make Time Lord treats with this 'Doctor Who' cookbook

"Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook" features "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey recipes" fit for any fans craving fish fingers and custard.

Create a meal for a Time Lord with "Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook."
Harper Design/Amazon

Supreme Dalek Cake. Cyberman Pie. Cassandra Pizza. Ood Rolls.

These are just a few of the yummy treats "Doctor Who" fans can make thanks to a new cookbook from the BBC and British food writer Joanna Farrow.

"Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook," published by Harper Design, features 40 recipes for easy-to-make dishes, all with a Whovian twist. Re-create the Doctor's own favorite meal of fish fingers and custard, or try your hand at making an impressive gingerbread Tardis.

There are also instructions on how to bake and decorate cookies to look like all 12 Time Lords. Whip up Pasta Bow Tie Salad, Cybermelts sandwiches, Salt and Pepper Sontarans and a Weeping Angel Food Cake.

There's even a recipe for building a healthy Sonic Screwdriver, made completely with raw veggies like cucumbers, carrots and olives. It might not open any locked doors, but it will make you feel like you could regenerate a few times.

The cookbook also includes photos from the popular BBC television series, as well as interesting food facts and memorable "Doctor Who" character quotes.

"Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook" is available now at bookstores everywhere. Meanwhile, you can preview a few of the recipes below.


Bake up the Doctor in whatever incarnation suits your taste.

Harper Design/Amazon

A recipe that looks like part of a "Doctor Who" episode.

Harper Design/Amazon

Imagine if this pizza could talk like the character it looks like.

Harper Design/Amazon