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Make a pit stop, take a detour with Google Maps for iOS

3D Touch support also added.

Getting there is half the fun, they say. The "they" in question probably aren't traveling with kids, but no matter your reason for stopping along the way, Google Maps now makes it easier to add a pit stop or detour to your trip. Google Maps for Android added this ability last fall, and now the feature has arrived for iOS.

While in navigation mode on your iPhone, you can now search for gas stations, restaurants and other points of interest along your route. Prior to this update, you would need to leave your turn-by-turn directions to search the map for a gas station, for example, and then jump back into navigation mode. Not only can you add a stop to your directions, but Google Maps also shows an estimate for how long a stop will add to your trip while keeping you on your route. And when you search for a gas station, Google Maps shows you the price at each station, although in my experience it skewed heavily toward Mobile stations.

To search for a stop while in navigation mode, tap the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner and select Gas stations, Restaurants, Grocery stores, Coffee shops or Search for more places. The last option lets you search by keyword.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

If you don't find, say, a gas station in your current location on the map, you can pan and zoom in and out to search the map. You can also keep a search open as you travel and tap the blue Refresh button in the lower-right corner to see new results.

Tap a search result on your map and the Add Stop button to add it to your route. If you decide later that you want to drive a bit longer before pulling off the road, you can remove a stop by tapping the search button again and then tapping Remove stop. You will then return to your original route.

The other part of the update adds support for 3D Touch. If you have added home or work addresses in Google Maps, then you can 3D Touch on the Google Maps app icon to get shortcuts for directions to home or work.

(Via Google Maps Lat Long blog)