MacHeist nanoBundle: Free software! Getcher free Mac software!

The latest MacHeist package is a selection of six bits of Mac software -- for frees!

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The MacHeist nanoBundle is a package of six pieces of software for your Apple Mac, available absolutely free -- for a limited time only.

The free bundle contains six apps, which MacHeist reckons are worth $154 (£92). The apps are note-taker ShoveBox, uncluttered writing tool WriteRoom, Twitter client Twitterific, screen-grabber TinyGrab, and fantasy strategy game Hordes of Orcs. Streamlined word processor Mariner Write is unlocked when the bundle has been downloaded 500,000 times.

MacHeist is a site that sells software for your iMac and MacBook, in bundles, for limited times only, and often at a discount. Extra software can be unlocked if you complete 'missions' or promote the site across social networks: this week Intego VirusBarrier X5 is yours for free if you spam your Facebook friends, while Mariner Write's unlocking at 500,000 downloads is an incentive to tell more people.

MacHeist nanoBundle will be available gratis for another three days, so don't hang about, Mac fans.