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Lyft offers drivers some control over their schedules

The new Lyft Driver app will let drivers accept scheduled rides days in advance.


Lyft wants to make life a little easier on its drivers. Today, the company announced two new features for its Lyft Driver app -- scheduled pickups and power zones.

The popular ride-hailing app recently debuted a separate app dedicated to drivers, as opposed to building the driver-facing functionality into the primary app for customers seeking a ride.

You may have already taken advantage of the fact that you can schedule a ride using the primary Lyft app. Now, Lyft will let drivers claim your scheduled ride up to seven days in advance -- giving them more freedom to plan when they want to work. Previously, Lyft only offered your scheduled ride to drivers shortly before your pickup time.

The power zones update offers drivers more money for picking up passengers within a predefined area during certain hours. Drivers will receive the incentives regardless of how many rides they pick up, or the kind of car they're in.

Lyft's updates are due to roll out this summer as the company tries to lure drivers away from Uber, its primary competitor.