Lyft adds multiple stops so you can pick up, drop off your friends

No need to haggle with the driver or fuss with your phone. You can now make extra stop-offs in the Uber-rivalling ridesharing app.

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A Lyft car sporting the app's signature pink moustache symbol in San Francisco, California.

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You've booked yourself a car home in your ridesharing app when you decide to drop off your friend along the way. To save you starting a new ride on the app or negotiating with the driver, Lyft now includes the option to add different stops to your journey.

The San Francisco-based car-booking app is adding the ability to add extra stop-offs right there on your phone, by specifying the extra stop within the app. You can choose the extra stop by choosing a spot on the map or entering an address.

Multiple drop-offs are a feature that ridesharing rival Uber doesn't yet offer. Without the option to arrange multiple stops, if you invite a friend for a ride after you've booked the car or decide to pick someone up along the way, it's a hassle to cancel the booking and rebook, haggle with the driver to change his route or add a new destination after you've arrived.

Lyft, which is available in dozens of US cities and several in southeast Asia, already allows you to split the fare with a friend, so now you can drop them off in the right place and pay for the ride all within the app.