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Lycos gives users maps for searches

Internet search engine Lycos is giving maps to users.

Internet search engine Lycos added a new feature today that will help users keep from getting lost.

Road Maps, based on technology developed by Proximus of Sunnyvale, California, lets users find locations of specific business addresses and displays them on a street map so that the user learns not only where something is but also how to get there.

Road Maps provides a display of locations that users can search according to street or email address. Users shouldn't expect to find the house of a person subscribing to a Internet service provider, such as someone from an America Online chat room. A search on an AOL email address, for example, brings up only a map of AOL headquarters in Vienna, Virginia.

Other Web sites already help users locate businesses on street maps, including online business directory Big Book. But Lycos is the first of the Big Six search engines to provide a comparable service.